Summer is coming to an end. Yes, I said it!

Back in the day, I remember parents were excited to send their children back to school. Today, most parents dread Back to School. I think it is because with school schedules, we get extracurricular schedules. This means that parents will be extra busy taking children to the many activities, trying to find time for homework and dinner, while the laundry piles up.

If parents are feeling the daily rush, our children must be too. With no extra time to just play outside after school, children are in structured activities all day. This leaves them with little time for creativity and relaxation.

Because I am speaking from experience, I don’t know what the answer is when your child wants to take every dance class available every day of the week and would rather give up that free time for dance classes. Every year my goal is to be more organized and have a plan that will somehow give us more family time, more prayer time and a relaxed life. Every year I fail.

So, this year I’ll just start with prayer. I will pray for my children and their teachers. I will pray that they are learning what they need to learn, growing and that they will be happy. Because in the end, our job is to love our children and teach them to be good Christians; even if we don’t get to that laundry pile.

The Southeast Regional Retreat was a huge success, all due to the people that attended!

Held in Fort Mitchell, Alabama, the retreat was a beautiful time of prayer, fellowship and some good food and wine!

Our retreat was held during Cinco de Mayo, so we enjoyed a Mexican theme of chips and salsa with margaritas. However, it wasn’t just about eating and drinking, it was about relaxing and making new friends!

During the retreat, we had the opportunity for reconciliation, daily Mass, Adoration, a beautiful outdoor Stations of the Cross, a candlelight Rosary and so much more! Our talks were given with such thought and preparation by wonderful speakers. We even had a very successful Discernment.