Like the woman at the well, we appear to come for one thing and yet after an encounter with Jesus, we come back with more! More joy, more hope, more peace, more insight, more vitality, more restoration, more inspiration, in essence, more LOVE!

Many wonderful opportunities are being prepared for you at the 2018 MCCW-WW Forum. In your preparation to attend Forum, I ask you to prayerfully consider discerning if you are “called” to be a Regional Coordinator in your area.

MCCWs’ ministry is to reach women all over the world. Through Gods blessing we are touching women in the Pacific (including Asia, Hawaii, and Alaska), The Western, Central, Northeast and Southeast Region of the US. Along with the vast area of Europe and it is expanding.

MCCWs mission is to reflect the visible presence of Christ, by fostering and nourishing women in Spirituality, Leadership and Service to Women at all Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Bases throughout the world!

A Regional Coordinator serves a vital role within MCCW. She is the conduit of communication between MCCW and CWOC’s within her region. She nourishes established groups and inspires the development of new ones. CWOC’s serve an important role within Chapels. Through the support and guidance of the assigned Chaplain, CWOC (Catholic Women of the Chapel) serve to be helping hands in their respected chapels.

Regional Coordinators work with a team to provide a retreat for the women in the Region. It is so beneficial for women to retreat and rest and then go out and serve the Body of Christ.

To learn more about becoming a MCCW Regional Coordinator and the discernment process, please contact me, I am here to serve you!

I ask that you email me before April 1 (Easter). So I may send you additional information to ponder, prior to Forum.

Kelly Oliver
Discernment Coordinator