April Fool’s Day is no joke this year; it is the Holiest Day of the Year-Easter!

At the end of each Lent, I reflect on my personal journey. Was it enough? Did I do what I planned to do? Did I pray enough? The answer is always no. It will never be enough, and that’s ok. I’m not perfect, but God knows that I try, and He loves me unconditionally. I’m a lucky girl because without God’s Grace, I would just be the one who always falls short.

So, this year, instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, I will continue to try harder and do more each and every day- not just during Lent. I’m so thankful to MCCW for providing me with opportunities throughout the year to grow in my faith and share with others.

I wish you all the most Blessed Easter ever!

Nancy Arzonico

Southeast Regional Coordinator