Our Promised Priests

By: Denise Hummel

MCCW Director at Large: Seminarian Support

Our AMS Co-Sponsored Seminarians have been called to serve both God and country — “a vocation within a vocation.”  Their individual and personal vocation stories are wonderful examples of ways we get to see God’s love and mercy shared with His faithful.  

As our calendars are marked for Forum 2020, know, too, that Seminarian David Chacko has been invited to share his experiences with all of us during our time together in San Antonio.  Last January, I had the privilege of meeting David and he looks forward to meeting all of you next April.  

Additionally, during our time together, we will have our annual Promised Priest Silent Auction.  Each region will be invited to create thematic baskets, from their own region, to have featured at our silent auction.   The monies raised will benefit our Military Council of Catholic Women Endowed Co-Sponsored Seminarian Scholarship. This newly endowed scholarship continues the tradition of financially supporting our perpetual charity–AMS co-sponsored seminarians.   

In the meantime, as many of our Catholic women’s ministry groups are beginning their new year, MCCW invites you to adopt one of the many AMS co-sponsored seminarians.  Please complete this new Google form so our records may be updated. If you were currently adopting last year, you may note that on the form as well. Click here to complete the Google form. 

Thank you for the continued prayers for our promised priests.  We look forward to sharing more details over the coming months for our silent auction at Forum. Please begin to create a vision for your region’s thematic basket and be prepared to showcase your region at Forum 2020.