Seasons Change

Dear Sisters in Christ,

One of the things I have learned to love as an adult is the changing of seasons. I grew up on the Central Coast of California where the seasonal changes are very subtle, but as a military spouse I have been blessed to live in places where each season is very distinct. 

My favorite seasonal “barometer” was a beautiful tree outside my bedroom window in Germany — you could always tell exactly what time of year it was by looking at that tree. 

We are back in El Paso now where seasons change ever so gradually and slightly, so that only if you really pay attention do you see the little changes taking place. MCCW is a bit like that, too. Unless you look closely, you might not see all the work happening behind the scenes.

This month, our European and Asian regional teams are busy putting the finishing touches on their 2019 retreats. The Worldwide Board and the Forum team met in San Antonio for an annual meeting and Forum planning session. And those are actually the bigger, more noticeable activities. 

Our digital resource manager, Kelli, is always busy keeping all of our digital resources up-to-date and available so the board can do its work. Our graphic designer, Jean, fields requests every day from members of the MCCW team and turns around beautiful graphics for us to use in every imaginable way. Anni, who oversees our social media accounts, is a blur of activity writing and posting all the time. And, again, they are but three of our amazing volunteers working quietly behind the scenes, keeping the “business” of MCCW running smoothly.

The board and regional coordinators submit reports each month on their activities and even I’m surprised every month at all the amazing work — planning, creating, praying, and collaborating — that is going on on behalf of the women served by MCCW. 

And the same thing is happening out in the chapel ministries on installations around the world! Our CWOC’s and other women’s ministries are busy putting spirituality, leadership, and service into action each day. 

Our October issue is focused on helping you spot more of those little things, those behind the scenes things, that are happening in MCCW and in your CWOCs that make it possible for us all to be connected, united, and inspired each day!

Yours in Christ,