Nothing is Normal, but God is Faithful

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I am writing to you from my dining room table while my three children, who would normally be in school, and my husband, who would normally be at work, buzz around the house. But nothing has been particularly normal lately, has it?  

For our sisters overseas, this new normal is something they have been learning for a month now. For us in the states, our new normal is still changing on a daily basis. But what does seem to be true for all of us, is that this new state of normal, which is in no way actually normal, may be our reality for a while.

And while social distancing, canceled Masses, closed schools, and the baffling toilet paper shortages are all unsettling parts of this new normal, the constancy of MCCW’s mission to connect, unite, and inspire Catholic military women around the globe has been a source of comfort to me. 

I hope it is to you, too. Because during this difficult time, we need to lean more heavily on each other, on our shared community of faith, and on our trust in the Lord and His infinite goodness. 

In MCCW’s 65 year history, we have had a lot of experience with connecting, uniting, and inspiring our sisters in Christ in good times and in hard times. We were there during the Vietnam War, the scary days of the Cold War, the start of the first Gulf War (which was the last time MCCW had to postpone Forum!)

This time of pandemic will be no different. We will continue to use our social media platforms as a place we can connect with one another. We are working on plans for online resources and events that will unite us. And we will continue to share inspiration in the form of prayers and faith formation ideas. 

Because we are a people of hope, we are also hard at work on plans for our 2020-2021 regional retreats and our rescheduled Forum. We cannot wait to be reunited with you again soon at one of our events!

Plans for our upcoming discernments for the Worldwide Board continue, too. Read on to learn how we are changing our discernment process to allow even more women to say “yes’ to God’s call to serve Him through MCCW.

I will leave you with a reminder we have been sharing on social media in recent weeks, a reminder our board is holding close during this time: Keep Calm and Pray On!

Yours in Christ,

Kim Miller

President, 2018-2020