Volunteer Spotlight–Regional Prayer Teams

One of the ways MCCW has continued its mission to connect, unite, and inspire during this global pandemic is through virtual weekly prayer on Sunday afternoons. This effort has brought so many of us together and filled us with peace and hope during a particularly challenging time in our world. 

This initiative is entirely possible because of our amazing regional teams! These seven teams of women, living in locations around the world, have come together to bring you the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Litany of the Saints, and more beautiful opportunities for prayer. 

We have prayed with them alone, with their families, and with small groups from their communities. They have welcomed us into their homes and the beautiful outdoor spaces surrounding their homes. They have invited other women and families from their regions to lead us in prayer. We have laughed and cried during prayer with them, and their prayers have been uplifting for all who have prayed along. 

Elizabeth, Brenda, Blanca, Muffy, Betty, Mary, Carly, Michelle, Shawna, Sarah, Genevieve, Cristina, Patti, Nicole, Lisa, Amber, Kitty, Jennifer, Cat, Cindy, and Xandria – thank you for sharing your beautiful faith with us all.