Final Call for Discerners 

Discernment for five positions on the MCCW-Worldwide Board will take place during the beginning of November, and the current board has been actively praying for the Holy Spirit to bring called, competent, and committed women to the table. 

As we approach the group discernment, we wanted to share these words from Discernment Coordinator, Kelly Oliver, with you: 

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Do you hear the clarion call? MCCW needs you!

Each one of us has made our homes a sacred place to dwell in prayer, in hope, and in living out our daily activities by serving the ones we love, during this time of semi-seclusion. Jesus is calling each one of us “by name” to draw closer to HIM by loving and tending to one another. Some of us serve by tending to our homes, our children, our parents, our neighbors, and our work. All these can be so sanctifying! Some are in a place where they can give of their time, too, and help their sisters by volunteering within MCCW.

MCCW has been important to us all, it is the ministry thread that binds us all together.   The MCCW board is still serving, even behind the scenes. They set up meetings on Zoom, coordinate within the regions and with local chapel groups, and they are even going forward with the next MCCW Worldwide Forum in 2022. “Going forward” is a great theme for us all.
Many positions on the MCCW-Worldwide Board will be vacant very soon. The women who currently hold these positions have been gracious to stay well beyond their appointed period since the pandemic started.  NOW is the time we must “go forward” and begin the process of discerning new MCCW-Worldwide Board positions. The current five positions available are: President, Forum Director, Finance Director, Communications Director, and one Director-at-Large position. 

If you would like to know more about the positions and are interested in beginning the discernment process, please reach out.  I am here to help you through the process of discovery. 

Your Servant in Christ,

Kelly Oliver
Discernment Coordinator 


To learn more about discernment for the MCCW Worldwide Board, reach out to Kelly or read more here