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A Promised Priest’s Mother Shares part 2

A Promised Priest’s Mother Shares: An Interview with Susan Yakkel Part Two By: Denise Hummel, MCCW Director at Large:-Seminarian Support Last month, I introduced our MCCW readers to Mrs. Susan Yakkel and shared her expertise as a promised priest’s mother.  This month, my interview with Susan continues …… My husband, Ron,  served almost 29 years […]

Finding Your Place part 2

Last month we explored how to make transitions in or out of your community and your women’s ministry easier and less bumpy. But sometimes you will find yourself in a time of transition in years in which you don’t move. Here are some tips for those times. You held a leadership role in the past, […]

CWOC Summer Transition

In this season of transition, several CWOC chapters have taken the summer off to recharge and plan for the new year.  If you are transitioning into a new community, be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming CWOC events and socials currently being planned by CWOC boards across the world. If you find yourself […]

It’s Just That Time of Year

Dear Sisters in Christ, When I called my parents recently for one of my weekly calls home, they asked what we had been up to lately.  My answer read like an insane social calendar: “So and so came over for dinner on Friday because they are still waiting on household goods, and Saturday we went […]

Prayer and Support for our Promised Priests 

By:  Denise Hummel, MCCW Director at Large-Seminarian Support With the number of U.S. military Catholic chaplains at only 182, we must continue to support, in prayer and almsgiving, our Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS) Co-Sponsored Seminarians.   MCCW offers multiple ways to show our love for these Promised Priests; those who discern a priestly […]

Finding Your Place

By Kim Miller Finding yourself in a new hometown, on a new military installation is an experience we military women repeat many times. And finding your place in that new community is key to feeling settled. But what to do when finding that place in a new women’s ministry group doesn’t come easy? Here are […]

Be Brave in the Scared–Summer Reading Discussion Group

By Nancy Belmont I didn’t want to read this book. When MCCW WW’s Director of Financial Stewardship, Elizabeth Tomlin, suggested we build an entire online summer book club around a former Navy wife’s account of caring for her disabled daughter, my face smiled and my head nodded, but I thought to myself, “This book? A […]

Forum 2020: Looking Forward

By Aly Tugaoen As we continue to gather momentum for the Worldwide Forum 2020, I wanted to share with you information about the two Catholic churches we will be utilizing during our time together and to share with all of you a few other places of Catholic interest.  The first church is St. Joseph’s Catholic […]

CWOC Fall Kick-Off Ideas and Resources

By Nancy Belmont Greetings from New York, where my children just finished school on June 26. We may just be easing into summer here, but while I sink my toes in the sand, I’m thinking and planning for our next catechetical year. Faith study leaders, have you submitted your purchase orders for the fall? If […]

Rooted in Prayer

Dear Sisters in Christ, As the moving trucks come and go in our neighborhood and my Facebook feed is filled with pictures of friends saying goodbye to one installation and setting out on new adventures, I have spent a lot of time thinking about transitions. The usual piece of transition advice I give military family […]