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Returning to Mass: An Exercise for the Whole Self

By: Kitty Eisenbeil, Director of Formation Well over a year ago we began the long marathon of COVID-19 restrictions which included shutting the doors of our churches and experiencing the separation from Christ in the Eucharist. Slowly but surely, diocese by diocese, we are seeing doors open once again and restrictions lift. We are also […]

God is the only constant

Dear Sisters in Christ, Greetings from Pennsylvania! Our family has completed another PCS – this time to Carlisle Barracks, but it was just this time last year that we were settling into another new home in Virginia. With back-to-back, one-year assignments, the saying “change is the only constant” comes to mind. I was reminded this […]

Reconnect, Reunite, and Reinspire

As we approach the 18-month mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, how are you feeling? Tired? Anxious for life to get back to normal? Us too! To help revive and revitalize all of us, MCCW is introducing Reconnect, Reunite, and Reinspire. This special nine-month campaign will give you tools, ideas, and encouragement as you return to […]

Together in Tampa

By: Rebecca Lockhart, Director of Communications At the end of June, 14 MCCW board members and regional coordinators gathered for the first time in almost two years. The worldwide board convenes, usually, once a year in person for a working weekend full of brainstorming, planning, and preparation for our Worldwide Forum. This weekend was no […]

A Gift With Immeasurable Value

Dear Sisters in Christ, Can I share my excitement with you? I spent the morning putting the finishing touches on plans for the MCCW leadership team’s first in-person meeting in nearly two years. Two years is a long time — I can’t wait to see our team again. As I write, the location of the […]

Recognizing Our Volunteers: Kelli Powell

Organizations like MCCW exist because of the good work of volunteers. Some of those volunteers are out in front, performing tasks we see and that are easy to identify. The work being done by other volunteers is harder to see – it is all behind the scenes, and you might not even know it is […]

One for the History Books

By: Eleanor Gentilini There are many women’s ministry groups at military chapels around the world, and although they are all different in many ways, there is a common thread of SERVICE. One of the groups that has personified this virtue for decades is Our Lady of Fort Carson in Colorado. After recently attending funerals for […]

With Love: From the Holy Spirit to the Sacred Heart

By Kitty Eisenbeil, Director of Formation We did a remarkable thing, us women of the MCCW. Devoting time to prayer, specific time with specific intentions, for the sake of our beloved seminarians and promised priests, was a unique gift. This required sacrifice, some suffering, discomfort, and intentional thought and action. All for something of which […]

Transitional Whirlwind: Balancing the Calm and Chaos

Dear Sisters in Christ, It has been a whirlwind since I last wrote to you! We wrapped up the five virtual retreats, held regional and worldwide discernment processes, welcomed several new team members, and kept the gears spinning on many MCCW projects and efforts. MCCW feels a bit like that image of the duck – […]