This is what she was inspired to compose:


Past Breakout Sessions

The Bizarre Dialect of Your Husband and Sons

with Joshua Danis: Can I really share the joys of faith with the boys and men in my family? In this workshop, we discuss some of the unique ways men commonly think about faith. Unlocking these keys can make us more attentive to ways men often use language in their journey of discipleship. Full of entertaining stories and practical tools, this work is sure to both entertain and equip you to more fully partake in a mutual sharing of faith with those funny masculine creatures.

True Royal Beauty

with Hollie Danis: Am I beautiful? It is the question written on the heart of every woman. How we find the answer to this question changes the very shape of our lives. In this workshop, we will take a counter-cultural look at what defines true beauty. We will break through beauty misconceptions and hear practical tips on how to become the woman God has created each of us to be. Looking to the most beautiful woman in the world, Our Blessed Mother, we will be inspired to lives of authentic womanhood, and rediscover our true beauty and royal dignity as daughters of God.

Katholic Kryptonite!

with Matthew Arnold: Ever had a “Bible Christian” challenge you with a Bible verse that seems to contradict Catholic teaching? Ever hear, “Where’s that in the Bible?” and didn’t know what to say? That’s Katholic Kryptonite! Now, join Matthew Arnold – mild-mannered apologist for a great world religion – in the never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the Catholic Way! In this lively and engaging PowerPoint presentation, you’ll discover bullet-proof Biblical answers to the many objections to the Catholic Faith made by Fundamentalists and other “Bible Christians.”

A Life’s Journey in Mercy

with Julie Carrick: This is a combination of a witness talk and catechesis that give practical application of the Corporal Works of Mercy starting in our family and then moving out into the world around us. It answers the question “How can I offer and receive Mercy?” Some of the trials overcome in Julie’s life, by the grace of Mercy are: Infidelity in Marriage, Loss of Children, Rape and pregnancy of her daughter, and Lung Cancer to name a few… You will take away from this session real hope, no matter what, through a courageous reception of Divine Mercy. Music is also included in this presentation.


2016 Highlights

From April 21-25, 2016, Catholic women of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA gathered in Washington, D.C. to participate in MCCW’s 60th anniversary conference, Our Roads Lead Home. Our conference keynote speakers included Dr. Edward Sri and Mrs. Donna-Marie Cooper-O’Boyle.

We were given an incredible gift for this conference, our music liturgist, Julie Carrick, composed a theme song for this 60th anniversary conference.  She gathered reflections on what “Our Roads Lead Home” means to MCCW ladies.  This is what she was inspired to compose!