The 2018 Forum
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The 2018 Forum

Hello to all in the MCCW community!

When I was a kid summer was always a time to relax.  Visiting family and enjoying time with friends without a care in the world. It wasn’t until I had a family of my own that I realized how much work went into a carefree summer,  add a PCS into the mix, and you ramp up the stress level further. My family has been traveling since mid-July and will continue around the country until school starts. I have enjoyed all my time with family and all the great places I’ve seen, but I have also loved the different churches I have had the privilege to attend during our travels. Whether it’s Mass at a huge traditional style church of 400 or a small country church of 50, they ALWAYS feel like home. All the stress and uncertainties melt away and the week ahead has unlimited promise. It has also given me the opportunity to contemplate on and share how excited I am about MCCW and the 2018 Forum with different priests and parishioners as well as continue to develop great ideas for future talks and speakers.

The 2018 Forum is coming together in ways I never even imagined. The fabulous group of ladies on our board are working beyond expectations. We are in the final stages of planning and will have all the details distributed by the first of October. The speaker list undoubtably along with the fabulous location of San Diego is sure to make an unforgettable 2018 MCCW Forum. I am looking forward to seeing you all there April 19-22.

Many Blessings,

Sandy Goetz

MCCW VP Events

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