Image of MCCW's First Capital Campaign - "Circle of Saints" with the graphic featuring women saints at the bottom, followed by the MCCW logo and "connect, unite, inspire"
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MCCW’s First Capital Campaign: Join the Circle of Saints

As MCCW embarks on our very first capital campaign, we have had many ladies inquire as to how they can give on an annual basis. A modest donation actually goes a long way with MCCW, and that has been the case since offerings were first collected at the chapels on our behalf. As with many things in our current state, costs continue to rise across the board, and this goes for costs that come our way as we plan MCCW events across the globe.  

A perpetual gift, whether monthly or annually, helps to provide operational funding for our programs. 

When MCCW came under the umbrella of the AMS, expectations and visibility increased and we have added focus on Development, Discernment, and Discipleship

Our MCCW founders made being a visible presence of Christ our key ministry, plain and simple. 

I encourage each of you to give prayerful thought to giving your hard earned dollars to MCCW, as we continue to connect, unite, and inspire the next generation of leaders and disciples. 

For those of you who have been a wonderful part of the history of MCCW, you are also the core of its future, and this would be a lovely way to see your gift in action-as we know, our time in the post and base chapels may shift with retirements, moves, and more, our cherished MCCW sisterhood lasts a lifetime. 


In Christ,


Director of Regional Coordinators

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