Aloha Lovely Ladies around the globe!

My name is Brenda Nonnweiler, and I am your 2016-2018 MCCW Worldwide, Inc. Merchandiser, and I’m excited to share information with you about your MCCW Evangelization T-Shirts.  Approximately half of you who attended one of the 2017 MCCW Regional Retreats purchased one or more, so I’d say they were well received!  If you are planning on attending one of the remaining 2017 Regional Retreats (Western or European Regions), there is still time to place your order.  Please order yours as soon as possible; I can’t guarantee your choice of colors and sizes (or availability) for orders received after 20 August.

We currently have two designs (each in two colors) from which to choose: the “Pineapple” and the “Bee”.  The inspiration behind the designs helps us in our call to evangelize by giving us an opportunity to discuss our faith with our family and friends.  The leaves of the pineapple highlights the Fruits of the Holy Spirit:  love, self-control, goodness, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, peace, and joy.  While the bee’s wings display the Cardinal Virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude.  You’ll notice the bee is wearing a crown; this symbolizes our position as daughters of God, the King of Kings.  I am especially pleased to announce that we will be releasing three new designs in time for our 2018 MCCW Worldwide Forum in San Diego!  The new designs will highlight the Seven Sacraments and the Theological Virtues.  Colors will include red so we can wear our shirts in support of Red Shirt Friday.  Participating in this movement shows our support to deployed service members.  The new designs will be available soon for pre-ordering before the 19 – 22 April 2018 Forum.

Please visit our website at  To find our merchandise navigate to the “Giving” tab, and then select “MCCW Swag”.  Use the website’s merchandise order form (instructions for use are on the order form), and email it to me at  We still have select sizes/colors left in stock (of our current designs), simply send me an email and I will help you with your search!  Don’t forget to look for our MCCW/CWOC lapel pins!

We welcome feedback!  Please send your questions, comments, and suggestions for future MCCW swag to me at   Thank you and God bless you, your families & your chapel groups!

Your Sister in Christ,

Brenda Nonnweiler, Merchandiser

2016-2018 MCCW Worldwide, Inc