Go Ahead, Put a Bow on your head and Give yourself to the World! 

Don’t you just love gifts? They are wonderful to receive and so fulfilling to give. Gifts are precious, tender and important. Did you know that you are a gift? You are unique, special and amazing. You matter and make all the difference in this world! You make up the body of Christ and it is beautiful because of you!

As you enter into the depth of God’s love for you, reflect on how HIS love manifests in you. In your pondering, consider how you are living out your faith, at home, at work, in public and in the privacy of your hearts.

Discerning is a bit like pondering but at a much deeper level. Spiritual discernment is an evaluation process. It is looking at all facets of your life, guided by the Holy Spirit by utilizing St. Ignatius Principles to make a sound decision.

Sisters in Christ, now is the time to begin to discern into ministerial positions on the MCCW-WW Board in April 2018 at the Forum in San Diego CA.

The positions are:
1st VP Forum Coordinator
2nd VP Faith Formation Coordinator
Finance Manager
Northeast Regional Coordinator
Central Regional Coordinator
Western Regional Coordinator
Pacific Regional Coordinator

Good discernment of these ministry positions needs to be conducted months prior to April 2018. If you feel you may be called, this may be your time to enter into discovery. I am here to individually give you specific information. Such as position descriptions, time investment, talent/skills and walk you through St. Ignatius Principles to help you come to a decision.

Kelly Oliver
Discernment Coordinator