Fall Greetings from the MCCW President

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Fall greetings to you this month! During this busy time of year, November offers us the opportunity to take a deep breath and recall all that for which we are thankful.

MCCW has so many things to be thankful for this year – an amazing Forum in San Diego, a wonderful European regional retreat, the creation of our seventh region – Asia, and the “yes” given by so many new board members and volunteers who have come forward to help MCCW grow and thrive.

Most of all though, MCCW is grateful for the opportunity to connect, unite, and inspire you – our military sisters around the globe every day. In the hopes of reaching even more women in 2019, MCCW is offering a special gift to anyone who makes a donation to MCCW in this month of giving thanks. Read more about it in this newsletter — you don’t want to miss this!

Personally, I am grateful for the earlier sunsets which cause my family to gather in our cozy home a little sooner each day. I am going to take full advantage of every minute of it because I know that once the days start growing longer, life will get even busier, especially with all the exciting MCCW retreats being planned! Stay tuned in the coming weeks and in the December Well for exciting announcements about your region’s retreat! In the meantime though – cuddle up with your family and take a moment to recall all the blessings heaped upon us by our loving Father.

In humble service,