Lean Into the Wind

Dear Sisters in Christ,

So, this is actually the second letter I penned for the March issue of The Well. I wrote the first draft of my letter to you all about an hour ago and then went on to other MCCW tasks while listening to music by the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. If you were blessed enough to hear the sisters sing at Forum last year, you will recall how uplifting and beautiful their music is.

My first letter talked about discernment, how busy we have been these recent days preparing for discernment at the worldwide and regional levels, and prepping materials for chapels who will use discernment this spring to select new leaders. But then I was listening to the words of one of the sisters’ songs, “Lean Into the Wind,” and I felt called to share these words with you:

Why are you here? (You know my Lord I love you)

What do you fear? (In peace accept the fight)

Will you just stay there, or lean into the wind? (I will lean into the wind)

The song is a conversation with God. He is asking if we will trust His plan and answer His call. He is asking if we will lean into the wind, no matter how daunting it may seem, and reassures us that He will be there for us when we do. There are always a lot of reasons to hold back from diving into a new leadership role in ministry, but God assures us that if we answer when He calls, He will see us through the experience.

MCCW has developed several great tools to help you prayerfully discern what God is calling you towards. I hope that you will read on and visit our website to learn more about those resources. If you feel God’s tug on your heart this spring — to lead in your chapels, the MCCW regions, or the Worldwide board — I ask you all to prayerfully consider leaning into the wind. He’s got this.

Yours in Christ,