Rooted in Prayer

Dear Sisters in Christ,

As the moving trucks come and go in our neighborhood and my Facebook feed is filled with pictures of friends saying goodbye to one installation and setting out on new adventures, I have spent a lot of time thinking about transitions.

The usual piece of transition advice I give military family members I meet (and one I repeat to myself each time we PCS) is to find a place in your new community to jump in and get involved. And for many years now, that place for me has been with the women’s ministry in my community (as I know it is for many of you).

But I also know that it isn’t always easy — sometimes finding your place in a new women’s ministry group can be a downright rocky road. Leaving a dynamic group you love for a new one you aren’t sure about, arriving in a place that is thriving and feeling unsure of your place, or finding out that your new home doesn’t have a women’s ministry at all can all leave you feeling uncertain. And what about the transitions that happen in years you don’t move – changes brought about by new leaders or a new chaplain, being the one left behind when friends leave, or stepping into or out of a leadership role? All of these changes can bring challenges that may require you to step out of your comfort zone. 

My friend, Kelly, a longtime MCCW member and leader, always reminds me that these journeys need to begin with and be rooted in prayer. Pray that God will help you find the path He has for you, even if that isn’t the path you had in mind. 

We on the MCCW team will be praying for all of your transitions this summer and for all women’s ministries, the women who participate in them, and the chaplains who advise them to flourish this coming year.

We’ve filled this issue of The Well with lots of practical tips, resources, and ideas to help that happen. We’ve also included information about Forum 2020 – another great opportunity for filling your ministry toolbox!

I’ll be praying that each of you finds the path He has laid out for you this year!

Yours in Christ,