San Antonio or Bust: Nine Tips for Getting to Forum 2020

So, now you that you are excited about coming to Forum 2020, let’s figure out how to get you there!

Asking for Chapel Support

  • Ask often and early: If you are hoping for financial support from your chapel, remember to approach your chaplain, chapel funds manager, or other chapel staff early to share your request and how they can support you and other women from your chapel. And don’t be afraid to ask more than once if you haven’t received an answer. 
  • Ask for a Designated Offering: If your chapel isn’t able to support attendance at Forum directly, ask if your chapel would be able to take a designated offering for the purpose of sending women to Forum. This can be a great way to get the whole chapel community involved. 
  • Offer to bring back and share the resources you receive: Each attendee at Forum will receive a faith formation toolkit with great resources you can share with your chapel and the various ministries in your chapel community. Past chapel-funded Forum attendees have even agreed to write mini-reports for their chapel sharing what they learned and did during the event to facilitate sharing their newfound knowledge. 

Paying Your Own Way

  • Plan a Road Trip: Close enough for a road trip? Even if it is a long drive, consider making an adventure of it. Gather your girlfriends, car snacks, and your best road trip playlist, and hit the road!
  • Bunk Up: Most of the rooms in the room block have two double beds, but the hotel allows up to four occupants in a room. Make like summer camp and share your room to stretch your budget dollars. 
  • Put it on your Christmas list: This may sound silly, but it’s all about priorities! What do you want to find wrapped up under your Christmas tree this year (or get for your birthday)? If it is Forum tickets, then that helps you set it as a priority. 

Helping Other Gets to Forum

  • Adventures in Babysitting: Not your year to go to Forum? Offer to help a friend with her kids so she can attend — it doesn’t have to be the whole time, but maybe you can lighten the load for dad by taking the kids to school or carpooling to activities. 
  • Create a Scholarship: Maybe your CWOC doesn’t have enough to send everyone to Forum, but consider pooling dollars to help current or future leaders attend this event to help them grow!
  • Be a Cheerleader: It can be a big leap to spend a weekend away from your family, especially for young moms. Encourage the younger women in your chapel to take that leap and attend Forum. Your prayers and encouragement may be just what they need.