Faith Formation Spotlight

By: Nancy Belmont, Director of Faith Formation

Hello all! 

Our CWOC here at West Point is already looking ahead to fall. We’ve put out the final Evite for our casual summer “Ladies Night Out” events and printed the invites for our kick-off brunch and first Bible study meeting.

As your chapel group gears up to relaunch, check out the revamped CWOC Resources tab on MCCW’s website. We have resources for Bible & faith studies, CWOC discernment, liturgical living, and devotion guides. I’d like to highlight MCCW’s signature programs, which are pre-planned, tried and true ceremonies aimed at unifying your chapel group in commitment and devotion to God.

Fiat Installation Ceremony

Has your chapel group formally installed its new leadership? Our Fiat Installation Ceremony is an intentional way to consecrate incoming officers to the service of our Lord. Within the ceremony, officers prayerfully pledge to rely on God for the strength and inspiration necessary to foster the spiritual growth of their community. They are commissioned to serve and blessed by a priest. 

Adopting a Patroness: Our Lady of Good Counsel

Consecrate your chapel group to Our Lady of Good Counsel. The gift of counsel enables us to detach from our desires and seek the will of God. In Mary’s fiat, we find inspiration and encouragement to trust God wholeheartedly. Entrust your chapel group into the hands of Our Lady, asking her to guide and renew the community of women and draw them closer to God and stimulate them to seek His holy will.

Illuminated Rosary

Many CWOC groups are devoted to praying the rosary, but have you ever prayed an Illuminated Rosary? It is prayed with the accompanying visual of lit candles formed into the shape of a rosary. This beautiful meditation is not only suitable for use within your chapel group, but also within families or in religious education settings because it draws children into the devotion. 

Other MCCW Signature Programs include Bread and Cider Services, Sip and Share, and Mother’s Prayers. Discover them all at