Get Ready for Giving Tuesday

By: Elizabeth Tomlin, Director of Financial Stewardship

Do you remember your first MCCW retreat or forum (conference) – the excitement of meeting so many new sisters in Christ, the speakers, time to refresh your spirit through the Sacraments, and time for fellowship?  Think about three of your favorite friends that you have met through MCCW.  Name them.  Aren’t these MCCW friendships – spiritual, deep, honest, faith-centric, fun – the types of friends we wish for all Catholic military women?

Recalling the great benefits you have reaped from MCCW, next month, for Giving Tuesday, MCCW will be asking you to invest in our ministry – to give back to the ministry that has benefited your faith, friendships, and families.  We’ll ask you to consider making a one-time or recurring gift.  We’ll also have ways for individuals, ministry partners, and individuals to sponsor our 2020 Forum in San Antonio.

In the past eighteen months, MCCW has held retreats in the Netherlands, New Mexico, Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii.  Our next retreats in Rome, Italy, and South Korea are less than a month away, and Forum 2020 in San Antonio, TX is coming up in April.  Between now and Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting the good work of MCCW at