Ensuring the Blessing of MCCW for All

Think back on your favorite MCCW experience. Was it meeting new friends at Forum? Spending time with Jesus during a retreat? Supporting our seminarians? Or a reunion with sisters in Christ? I hope that when you think about your time in MCCW, you recall beautiful friendships, warm hospitality, inspiring forum and retreat speakers, and intentional time participating in prayer services, and the liturgy and Sacraments of our Faith.

Remembering all the riches that you have experienced personally through MCCW, today MCCW humbly asks you to become an MCCW Sponsor and make a gift to support MCCW’s good work for Catholic military women and the AMS. MCCW accomplishes its work through the efforts of an all-volunteer leadership team and the financial support of chapel offerings and individual giving.

Your gift of MCCW sponsorship will help us to host a high quality Forum from April 23-26, 2020, in San Antonio, Texas, for more than 250 women, while simultaneously making preparations for seven regional retreats that will draw in nearly 500 more participants, and continuing to spread the work of MCCW’s ministry through digital communications and our online community that has grown to over 2700 participants.

Your support will help to ensure that future Catholic military women will continue to experience the blessing of the MCCW community.  To become an MCCW Sponsor, please visit www.mccw.org/giving today,