Answering God’s Call to Serve: Updates on Worldwide Discernment

MCCW needs YOU. We will be filling six positions on the Worldwide Board this fall and we are praying that you will hear and answer the call to serve. Here’s everything you need to know about the discernment process: 

What positions are available? 

The positions that will be open for discernment include President, Director of Forum, Director of Finance, Director of Communications, and one Director-At-Large. Additionally, the president will be appointing a woman to fill a new position, the Director of Stewards. To read the job descriptions for each position, visit

The stewardship position is new. What will that person do and how will it work? 

The new Director of Stewardship position will oversee the many gifts of time, talent, and treasure entrusted to MCCW. She will need to have a strong background in fundraising and grant writing. To learn more, visit

If you feel called, competent, and committed woman to fill this position, please contact MCCW President Kim Miller at 575-914-1661 or by email at

What is expected of a Worldwide Board Member? 

Each person who discerns a role on the Worldwide Board is asked to serve from the time of her discernment through Forum 2022, except the Director of Stewardship, who will serve through April 2021, at which time that position will be filled by discernment. 

Some travel is required for Worldwide board members – at a minimum, you will be expected to attend an in-person board meeting once a year and to attend Forum 2022. MCCW is able to subsidize costs for travel and lodging for these events.

Board members are also expected to participate in monthly video or telephone meetings, submit monthly board reports, attend their regional retreat, and act as ambassadors of the organization during and after their service. 

When will discernment take place? 

The positions of President and Director of Forum will be filled through an in-person discernment process to be held at the rescheduled Forum. Discernment packets for those positions must be submitted no later than 5 October. 

A change in the discernment process for this year will allow women who are not able to attend Forum to discern for the positions of Director of Finance, Director of Communications, and Director-At-Large virtually. This process will take place the week of November 15,  and discernment packets for those positions must be submitted no later than 11 November. The Director of Stewardship position will be filled by appointment as soon as a called, competent and committed candidate is identified. 

How can I get more information?

To find out more about discernment please reach out to our discernment coordinator, Kelly Oliver at If you have felt that nudge to serve but have questions, or need guidance on how to complete a good personal discernment, reach out to Kelly. She is enormously gifted at guiding women through the discernment process.  You can also visit to download the individual discernment packet and copies of the job descriptions.