On the Road to Forum 2020

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Forum 2020. Those words mean something completely different to me now than they did in the early days of 2020. In the early part of this year, we were putting the finishing touches on our April event, planning the transition and continuity for our board changes, and looking forward to spending a fun and faith-filled spring weekend with our Sisters in Christ. 

Just a few short months later, Forum 2020 looks and feels very different through the lens of our shared experiences of pandemic, protest, and the “new normal.” 

What hasn’t changed though is our commitment to connecting, uniting, and inspiring each of you at Forum 2020. Yes, it will be happening seven months later than we thought. Yes, we will be putting all the health lessons we have learned in place to ensure our attendees are comfortable and safe. Yes, we will miss those faithful women who had planned to attend in April, but now can’t join us. 

But, we will celebrate coming together in our shared faith. We will celebrate the opportunity to gather in worship — something so many of us have missed in these long months! We will celebrate being together in worship, formation, and fellowship. 

Our Board and Forum team have been hard at work updating our plans and I can tell you that Forum 2020 is going to be amazing. Read on for new details and reminders that will help get you on the road to San Antonio.

Yours in Christ,