Back to Business

Dear Sisters in Christ,

September always feels like a back to business sort of month to me. Summer is definitely over, school is definitely in session, and so it is time to get back to business. 

This year, I think that may be harder than usual given the ongoing pandemic that we all hoped (prayed!) would be in our rearview mirror by now. But as a wise MCCW sister pointed out, this thing isn’t going away anytime soon, so the time for “I’ll deal with it after the pandemic” is over and forward we move!

So, too, is that true for MCCW. Last month we shared with you the announcements that we were canceling both our Asian Regional Retreat and Forum 2020, and I’ve got to tell you, I took a little time to grieve those hard decisions. 

But your MCCW team has remained hard at work planning for the future and there is so much to be done. Read on to find out more about:

  • Spring 2021 Retreats: MCCW will host a retreat in each of our US regions between February and April. Check out updates from your regional teams this month in our “Regional Retreat Round-Up.”
  • Guide to Worldwide Discernment: MCCW Worldwide discernment is coming up and we are looking for called, competent, and committed women to fill key roles on our board. Learn more about the positions and the process in “Called to Serve.” 
  • Help Wanted Ads: Our MCCW team continues to grow and we need your help. Read “Room at the Table” to find out how you can use your gifts and talents to serve our sisters in Christ around the world. 
  • Forum 2022: Pandemic or not, we are moving ahead and are so excited to share with you a special announcement about Forum 2022!

And that’s just part of what you will find in this month’s issue of The Well. Read on to see what else we have in store for you! 

Yours in Christ,

Kim Miller