Connect With Our Faith

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Are you ready to celebrate? Our Faux Fiesta Forum starts in just a few days, and we are excited.

This has, no doubt, been a wild roller coaster of a year, but our team decided we wouldn’t let it get us down. With the grace and strength of God on our side, we decided we would push through and plan the very best ever Faux Fiesta Forum. 

(Yes, we are praying fervently that it is also the ONLY Faux Fiesta Forum we ever have to plan!)

We realized that what we were really yearning for in our own lives was a connection. We miss hugging our friends. We miss the fellowship and chatting with our priests after Mass. We miss preparing a yummy dish to share at CWOC. And depending on where you live, some of us are still missing getting to go to Mass, getting to spend time with Jesus in adoration, or receiving God’s limitless grace through reconciliation. 

And while we can’t bring all of those things to you, the Faux Fiesta Forum will bring you some of your very favorite things and give you many opportunities to connect with our faith, reunite with friends, and be inspired by our shared faith. 

This special issue of The Well is dedicated to our Faux Fiesta Forum —  enjoy all the fun in these pages and then be sure you join us in the coming weeks for all the fun, formation, and friends you’re craving.

Yours in Christ,

Kim Miller,
MCCW-Worldwide President