Ripe with Anticipation and Expectation

Happy New Year in the Year of Our Lord 2017! I pray that God may bless all of you and your families by providing the necessary graces for your state in life. I am sure all of you took a moment at the close of 2016 to reflect on how GOD and Our Blessed Mother have been present in your lives and those you are close to and thank HIM for all of HIS generosity.

I am using the “Woman at the Well” to be the inspiration for my servant leadership role over the course of the remaining time as MCCW Worldwide President and boy oh boy has she led me to these thoughts for all of you for the upcoming year.

Like the Woman at the Well the Samaritan woman was searching for happiness, but she also allowed me the opportunity to see where JESUS was seeking her salvation. In this Year of Our Lord, MCCW is affording all of you to drink from the “Well” of Divine life through our Regional Retreats in 2017 that have prayerfully been orchestrated through devoted and committed women who are relying on the Holy Power of our Lord to orchestrate and execute them in all the regions. The swamp of sin can take over quickly so stay close to the WELL. Our Journey of Faith Spiritual Leadership and Development encounters will provide enhancement to your journey of faith in your communities by assisting in living for Christ and through Christ. We look forward to visiting you at “YOUR WELL” and providing for your thirst.

The Woman at the Well desires peace and the happiness that the things of this world cannot provide, the LORD promises better, JOY true JOY it cannot be robbed.

The Samaritan Woman becomes a true apostle once she encounters the LORD JESUS, for who HE truly IS. Here, in this encounter like so many other parts of the Gospels, we see that the TRUE disciple of the LORD will always be a passionate apostle.This year like so many others we get to make choices and say YES to invitations. Jesus

This year like so many others we get to make choices and say YES to invitations. Jesus surprises us in encounters where we may never expect! Every day we are faced with choices and challenges that affect our relationship with the LORD. It is not easy to stay faithful or faithfilled. God’s grace makes discipleship not only possible but a real adventure.

Conversion is change and who in 2017 would not benefit from change we are always in need of change, thank goodness for LENT, yes I said it the other great time for conversion, and LENT is fast approaching.

We pray with anticipation and expectation for all the benefits that the LORD will provide in 2017. I don’t need to share with all of you the way that we as a military catholic worldwide community celebrate in different time zones with different customs and all very different but one golden thread remains the same , we all share a common HOPE! New beginnings!  Ripe with anticipation and Expectation!

On the first day, of the New Year, Catholic Christians celebrate the Feast of the Solemnity of the Mother of God, this is not a liturgical accident but a very intentional one at that. “She who beheld the face of the Savior, invites us to hear the words of HER SON and our Savior Jesus Christ, “Behold I make all things New!” (Rev. 21:5)

I look forward to meeting YOU at the WELL in this 2017 year and all the encounters that we will share in our Journey of Faith along “THE WAY.”

In His Service Always,


Michelle Nash
President, MCCW Worldwide

Resolve to Be There

It’s the cusp of a brand new year. Brand new jammies for Christmas, new outfits for Christmas Mass, new toys for the kids and new books for the grown-ups. I have heard bad news from at least 3 people in the past 6 weeks. An uncle has passed away. A friend’s husband is no longer here. And a sorority sister’s aggressive cancer has returned and she has entered hospice. Even though I’ve not met my sister with cancer, it pains me greatly to see my friends–my family–suffer from the thought of her mortality, at such a young age. She has 2 young daughters and a husband, which hurts more and is another reason we are all trying to preserve her memory, while she is still breathing.

So, as the year begins, I resolve to be there for my family more. The family that raised me and the family I brought into this world. The family that chose me in college and my family forged in the crucible known as this military life. And my MCCW sisters, who have been there for me with meals, and encouragement and prayers when it felt like all had been lost.

I am challenging myself and you this year to spend an hour in a Eucharistic adoration chapel for 1 hour/week. It’s really not that much time, in the big scheme of things. I find that even with such a short period of time in the chapel, I emerge feeling refreshed and lifted and always with a positive outlook on things. And I always feel less anxious after spending time with the Lord and casting my cares on him.

In the new year, when everyone is resolving to have a bikini ready body, resolve to have a soul that can deadlift massive amounts of anxiety and depression and cares. In this New Year, while everyone is spending time in the gym for a better body, spend some time in the Eucharistic chapel for a better soul.

God Bless,

Cari Tedesco