Pray for Our Promised Priests

As a child, in Religious Education, do you recall being asked, “Which of the following statements are true?”

All Deacons are Priests OR   All Priests are Deacons

In the Catholic Church, we have two different kinds of deacons;  permanent and transitional. Our permanent deacons are men ordained to an office in the Catholic Church who normally have no intention or desire of becoming priests.   Transitional deacons, on the other hand, are seminarians–students in their final phase of training for the Catholic priesthood.

This year alone, the AMS will joyfully welcome nine AMS Co-sponsored Seminarians as Deacons!  These men are in their final phase of instruction, at their respective seminaries, and in one year, will become ordained priests.  Join me in praying for each on the date of their ordination:.

  • Adam Marchese,  6 April
  • Steven Booth, 11 May
  • Miguel Flores-Perez, 18 May
  • James Dvorak, 25 May
  • Daniel Duplantis, 28 May
  • Tyler Harris, 31 May
  • Adam Woodward, 31 May
  • Joseph Baltz, 6 June
  •  Tim Mergen, 3 October

Have you given any more thought to the opening question?   Yes, it is true: All priests are also Deacons. Upon their deacon ordination, the men receive the title “Mr. Rev.” in front of their name.  Join me this Lenten season in praying for our new deacons and all seminarians. For your convenience, MCCW has prepared a Lenten Calendar (included in this edition of The Well), and you can pray specifically for one seminarian each day during Lent.  

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