Pacific Retreat Attendees Open Hearts to God

Deep in the Kalihi Valley on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, the 2019 MCCW Pacific Regional Retreat was held February 7-10 at the beautiful St. Anthony Retreat Center.  The ladies in attendance were treated to the beautiful and humorous presentations given by Fr. Pat McCormick on Actual Grace, Sanctifying Grace and Obstacles to Grace.  Attendees were also afforded the opportunity to listen to Maile Domingo who shared her wisdom on Theology of the Body and lead a hula lesson connected to the presentation. Adoration, Mothers Prayers, an illuminated rosary and a towel service and a powerful healing Mass were also a part our blessed time together.  

The discernment process yielded a full Pacific Region Board and was a beautiful example of God’s providence to call us to His table.

  • Please welcome the new Pacific Regional team for 2019-2021. 
    Pacific Regional Coordinator: Elizabeth Wheeler 
    Pacific Regional Communications: Brenda Nonnweiler
    Pacific Regional Liturgist: Blanca Aston

Director of Faith Formation Discernment Scheduled

How many of you have been part of an MCCW Cider Service or Bread Service? Participated in an MCCW leadership training event? Used one of MCCW’s devotion guides, installation ceremonies, or discernment processes? Gotten a faith or book study idea from MCCW?

Making those programs, resources, and so much more available to individual women and to women’s ministries around the globe is the responsibility of the Director of Faith Formation, one of the nine members of the MCCW Worldwide Board. Her role is to connect women with the very best resources that will allow them to grow in their faith – no small task.

MCCW will be hold discernment for this very important position on April 29, 2019 at 2 p.m. EST via a telephonic discernment process. The woman who discerns this position will serve a two-year term April 2019-2021. Following the spring discernment process, the new director will begin recruiting a team of other volunteer leaders who will focus on tasks like writing, updating, editing, gathering, and researching.

If reading this stirs your heart and you want to learn more about the Director of Faith Formation position, please download the Worldwide Board discernment packet from and begin the personal discernment process. To submit your packet, or to get more information, please email

Director of Formation Resources Job Description and Expectations

The director of formation resources ensures that MCCW is connecting its members with the best formation resources available. Her duties include:

  • Developing a plan to offer resources, training, and education that fits with the mission of MCCW-Worldwide.
  • Ensuring that all worldwide board members are trained on leading MCCW Leadership Development Modules.
  • Working closely with the Director of Communications to write a plan for disseminating those resources.
  • Working with the President to develop and implement plans for capitalizing on external relationships for the benefit of MCCW-Worldwide individual members and chapel groups and for connecting MCCW-Worldwide individual members and chapel groups with external resources.
  • Chairing the formation resources committee and identifying and selecting members of the committee with input from the Worldwide Board.

She will fulfill her duties while adhering to the annual budget and finance guidelines set out by the Director of Financial Stewardship and approved by the Worldwide Board.

Board Expectations


  • The board is made up of nine equal positions responsible for separate aspects of MCCW-Worldwide’s programmatic or administrative work. As a body, they also set the strategic vision for the organization.
  • For voting purposes, each board member has one vote, except the Pesident who votes only in case of a tie.
  • The board meets at regular intervals via teleconference and in-person once annually to plan both the strategic and programmatic aspects of MCCW-Worldwide’s work.
  • The President and Directors of Rgional Coordinators, Financial Stewardship, Forum, Communications, and Formation Resources will be active-duty military or the female spouse of active duty military.
  • The Directors-at-large can come from any eligible group served by MCCW to include active duty, active duty dependents, retired dependents, guard, or reserve.
  • Members of the Worldwide Board will be expected to attend monthly teleconference meetings and submit monthly reports on their work.


  • All nine board members will be expected to attend the regional retreat in her region, the in-person board meetings, and Forum.
  • Any of the nine may also be called upon to attend other regional retreats to represent the worldwide organization.
  • MCCW-Worldwide will send at least two board members to each retreat. Preference will be given to those who have to travel the shortest distance. All nine board members will be trained to lead regional discernment so that any of the board can equally share in that responsibility.


  • A board member can expect to spend money on travel, food, lodging, and registration fees during her term. Though the specifics of her financial contribution may change on a yearly basis based on budget availability, for planning purposes a board member can expect to pay for the following:
    • For in-person board meetings, board members will be given a capped travel allowance, will have lodging covered, and will be responsible for their own food and incidental costs.
    • For the regional retreat in their region, board members will be expected to cover travel, lodging, food, incidentals, and registration.
    • For any additional regional retreats she is asked to attend, a board member will be given a capped travel allowance, will have lodging and retreat registration covered, and will pay for her own incidentals.
    • For Forum, board members will be given a capped travel allowance, will have lodging covered, and will be expected to pay for her own registration fees, food and incidentals.
  • Personal finance should not be the sole factor that keeps a woman from participating in discernment. MCCW make every effort to subsidize costs for qualified, dedicated board members as the budget allows. Please contact the Discernment Coordinator for more information about the financial commitment.

Lean Into the Wind

Dear Sisters in Christ,

So, this is actually the second letter I penned for the March issue of The Well. I wrote the first draft of my letter to you all about an hour ago and then went on to other MCCW tasks while listening to music by the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. If you were blessed enough to hear the sisters sing at Forum last year, you will recall how uplifting and beautiful their music is.

My first letter talked about discernment, how busy we have been these recent days preparing for discernment at the worldwide and regional levels, and prepping materials for chapels who will use discernment this spring to select new leaders. But then I was listening to the words of one of the sisters’ songs, “Lean Into the Wind,” and I felt called to share these words with you:

Why are you here? (You know my Lord I love you)

What do you fear? (In peace accept the fight)

Will you just stay there, or lean into the wind? (I will lean into the wind)

The song is a conversation with God. He is asking if we will trust His plan and answer His call. He is asking if we will lean into the wind, no matter how daunting it may seem, and reassures us that He will be there for us when we do. There are always a lot of reasons to hold back from diving into a new leadership role in ministry, but God assures us that if we answer when He calls, He will see us through the experience.

MCCW has developed several great tools to help you prayerfully discern what God is calling you towards. I hope that you will read on and visit our website to learn more about those resources. If you feel God’s tug on your heart this spring — to lead in your chapels, the MCCW regions, or the Worldwide board — I ask you all to prayerfully consider leaning into the wind. He’s got this.

Yours in Christ,


March Volunteer of the Month, Anni Harry

This month we would like to recognize Anni Harry, our Social Media Manager.  We hope you’ve noticed her influence on the new content being shared across all our MCCW platforms.  Her gifted way with words and heartfelt devotion to making sure the MCCW message of “Connect~Unite~Inspire” is seen by Catholic military women worldwide, via our social media presence.  Every week, Anni schedules Facebook images and links of interest, posts almost daily on Instagram, and spends quality time networking in order to find new and exciting content to draw us all closer to God.  Thank you Anni for your dedication to the team and all you do to spread our message!

Called to Serve

From its beginning, MCCW has been led by dedicated volunteers – caring, generous military-affiliated women who have given of their time, talent, and treasure in order to help their sisters in Christ grow in the Catholic faith. This continues today with talented teams working at the worldwide and regional levels to produce MCCW events and resources.

So that MCCW can continue to connect, unite, and inspire military women around the world in the very best way, MCCW has begun to stagger turnover on the worldwide board as well as the regional boards. All discerned leaders will continue to serve two-year terms – but some will transition in and out during even years, and others during odd years.

How Will This Work?

Discernment for many of the worldwide positions will continue to happen at Forum. The President, the Directors of Forum, Financial Stewardship, Communications, and one At-Large board member will discern during an in-person discernment process during Forum and will be installed that weekend.

The other worldwide board members – Directors of Regional Coordinators and Faith Formation Resources as well as the other two At-Large board members – will be discerned one year after Forum (April of odd years) during a telephonic or video-teleconference discernment process. They will assume their positions immediately, but will be formally installed at the next in-person board meeting.

Regional Coordinators, as well as Regional Communications Coordinators and Regional Liturgists, will be discerned during in-person discernment processes at each region’s retreat and will be installed at that retreat.

When Will This Start?

This process has already begun, but it will take a full two year-cycle (from Forum 2018 to Forum 2020) to be fully implemented.

The next step is holding regional discernments at each of the regional retreats this year. When you register for your regional retreat you will receive a discernment packet that will help you prayerfully decide if you are being called to a leadership role in your region. This packet is also available on the MCCW website.

In the coming weeks, a discernment packet for the worldwide board will also be available on the website for those interested in discerning to one of the worldwide positions available in the odd years.As we work through the kinks of implementing this process, the only position currently available is Director of Faith Formation Resources. Any changes to this will be promoted in upcoming issues of The Well and on social media. The date and time of that discernment process will also be announced in the coming weeks.

Preparing to Lead

In addition to staggering the board transitions, MCCW will invite anyone interested in discerning the role of Worldwide President to attend a regional retreat discernment and commit to a year of pre-discernment service. During this year, those interested will volunteer at the worldwide level in many parts of the organization as well as participate in regularly scheduled calls with the current President to learn about the role, responsibilities, and duties. This, along with prayerful personal discernment, will help prepare these committed women to discern the role of MCCW president at Forum.

How Else Can I Get Involved?

If you aren’t feeling called to a discerned position in MCCW’s leadership, there are still many ways to get involved. Each board member has a team who performs many tasks and functions related to her position. If a particular area is calling to you, reach out to the director of that area to find out how you can help.

You can also watch social media and The Well for announcements about specific positions that need to be filled. There is room at the table for all who are called to serve and MCCW will help you find the right seat.

Servant Leaders Needed

MCCW History Team – Help MCCW create a digital record of its 60+ year history! Join the team and use your archiving, writing, and digital organization skills to pull together pictures, articles, and interviews during this short-term project.

Policy and Procedures Writer – MCCW needs a strong, organized writer to document its standard operating procedures and processes. 5-10 hrs/month

Interested in any of the above positions? Email to learn more.

Finance/Stewardship Intern – Interested in gaining experience in finance and stewardship in a nonprofit setting (or have a college student who is?) This unpaid internship is a great opportunity to learn by doing — help the Director of Finance set up a contact management system and help manage MCCW’s annual designated offering campaign.

If interested, email resume to


February Volunteer of the Month, Jackie Henderson

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Jackie Henderson. Jackie’s dedication to the devotions of the Catholic faith are evident to anyone who has the great fortune to spend time with her. The ladies who were able to attend the MCCW Forum 2018 in San Diego will remember her, as she brought a multitude of veils for anyone interested in veiling during Mass. She extended the same invitation (and veils) to the ladies attending the 2019 MCCW Pacific Regional Retreat along with a beautiful explanation of the veiling devotion. Mahalo, Jackie, for your willingness to share how this devotion is one way to bring us closer to Christ.