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Essential Reasons to Attend MCCW Regional Retreats

When was the last time you and maybe a few close friends packed up for a four-day and three-night retreat in your faith? You might be asking what a retreat or forum is with MCCW.

I have the perfect answer. 

First, a retreat’s purpose is to fill you with spiritual nourishment with an intimate encounter with others on a smaller scale of attendees. Forum also provides this spiritual component on a larger scale and worldwide. An MCCW retreat focuses on regional attendance; at a forum you connect with other regions within the AMS worldwide. 

Why is a retreat important to your faith journey? 

MCCW Retreats offer a time to draw back for a few days from the secular world and all the responsibilities of everyday life. You are in a very serene setting that is restful while participating in the celebration of Mass and access to the sacrament of Reconciliation, an MCCW Illuminated Rosary, listening to inspirational speakers, and much more. Typically, MCCW SWAG is also given to attendees. 

Retreats are a time to sit with other ladies and share your faith journey and share in their own journeys. There are even new reading recommendations to strengthen your faith. It is also a time to share fellowship over meals with other ladies within your region.

As I am sure you know, it takes many hands to do God’s work. 

Within the planning of a retreat, a team of volunteers from the liturgy, hospitality, speakers, and registration will fine-tune the details for your experience to be not only personal but excited to share with others that will join in the following retreat. 

Great relationships between people can be when formed with like minds. From a young mom with little ones and a husband deployed to even the sharing of a personal loss. Your sisters in faith are there waiting for you – to see you, to share with you, to support you, and to love on you. 

Did I also forget to mention retreats are a fun time? Wherever your retreat is held, there is a particular time to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. The socialization time may offer a raffle or door prizes and could even include the opportunity to take fun pictures together. 

If the opportunity is there and a Catholic gift shop is on-site, there is always time built into the schedule to visit there. What are you waiting for? Check with your local CWOC or connect with your Regional Coordinator for the information! Or, stay up to date with the regional retreat schedule by receiving the digital edition of our monthly newsletter, “The Well”.

Now all that is left is for you to make all the arrangements at home and with your CWOC and pack your bags.

I hope to see you soon!


In Christ,



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