Giving Through the Circle of Saints with graphic image created of women of saints standing at the bottom of a circle
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Giving Through the Circle of Saints

As MCCW embarks on our first Capital Campaign, Circle of Saints, we look back to the very sweet and simple beginning of our organization, the women who poured their love into MCCW, and the trials of working as a non-military group within a military environment. 

In the past decade, MCCW became a 501(c)3 under the Archdiocese of the Military Services.  While we have kept our original intent, we have certainly shifted gears to a more official looking group. That being said, we are bringing all of that original goodness back to our organization, with some retooling and updates.

MCCW 3D CONNECT is one of those great new areas of our organizational ministry which will bring training to CWOC chapel groups focusing on the areas of Development, Discipleship and Discernment.  

MCCW-sponsored pilgrimages, other pop-up opportunities, and being able to offer scholarships to offset the cost for our sisters who need a financial boost to attend much-needed spiritual events are all ways in which 3D CONNECT aims to connect, unite, and inspire within the local chapel levels. 

All of the aforementioned opportunities take a source of support, and that is where the Circle of Saints comes into play, taking MCCW into the future.  

Our ministry has always been a band of strong women of faith, and will continue to be for years to come. 

I pray you will give thought to giving to MCCW. 

You can follow your giving directly, as we continue to push out updates and featured events, since you are an active part of this great tradition.


In Christ,


Director of Regional Coordinators

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