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Retreats: “Christ in Me” this Lent

Every year as we approach Lent, Catholics take time to look inward as we contemplate our walk with the Lord. We focus on the three pillars of Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving.

As you read this, our spring regional retreat season is upon us, with “Christ In Me” as our beautiful theme, and one perfectly suited for Lenten practices. 

We are so blessed to have our first three retreats falling during this prayerful time in the liturgical calendar. I ask you each to be praying for those women traveling to their retreats, that they may be fully immersed in time spent with Christ. 

Know that each retreat team has also carefully planned meals to take into account days of fasting and Fridays abstaining from meat. And of course, our ladies are always so generous with donations, please pray that these gifts truly glorify God, and His Kingdom.

There is still time to join your sisters on retreat! 

Each regional team has prepared special plans as MCCW welcomes all women back to in-person events.

I pray you have a Lent filled with peace and calm, spent with Christ and his flock.

Blessings across the globe.


In Christ,


Director of Regional Coordinators

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