Go Ahead, Put a Bow on your head and Give yourself to the World! 

Don’t you just love gifts? They are wonderful to receive and so fulfilling to give. Gifts are precious, tender and important. Did you know that you are a gift? You are unique, special and amazing. You matter and make all the difference in this world! You make up the body of Christ and it is beautiful because of you!

As you enter into the depth of God’s love for you, reflect on how HIS love manifests in you. In your pondering, consider how you are living out your faith, at home, at work, in public and in the privacy of your hearts.

Discerning is a bit like pondering but at a much deeper level. Spiritual discernment is an evaluation process. It is looking at all facets of your life, guided by the Holy Spirit by utilizing St. Ignatius Principles to make a sound decision.

Sisters in Christ, now is the time to begin to discern into ministerial positions on the MCCW-WW Board in April 2018 at the Forum in San Diego CA.

The positions are:
1st VP Forum Coordinator
2nd VP Faith Formation Coordinator
Finance Manager
Northeast Regional Coordinator
Central Regional Coordinator
Western Regional Coordinator
Pacific Regional Coordinator

Good discernment of these ministry positions needs to be conducted months prior to April 2018. If you feel you may be called, this may be your time to enter into discovery. I am here to individually give you specific information. Such as position descriptions, time investment, talent/skills and walk you through St. Ignatius Principles to help you come to a decision.

Kelly Oliver
Discernment Coordinator

We’ve Been Busy This Year!

New Tools for Your CWOC

MCCW knows that the Catholic Women of the Chapel groups are where the real spiritual growth and nourishment is taking place on a daily basis! To help your feed your flock, MCCW has been busy adding new and updated content to the CWOC Resources section of its website. Visit the website today to find downloadable guides to many of the common Catholic devotions, an updated list of bible and faith studies, and downloadable guides to using discernment to select leadership for your CWOC. And remember to check back often — more resources will be added in the coming months!

Share Your Programs!

Amazing programs and ideas come out of your CWOC groups all the time! Share those great ideas with other chapels by submitting them to the MCCW Program Database. Sharing your great ideas only makes our community of Catholic military women stronger. Visit www.mccw.org/submit-a-program/ today to learn how!

Making Your List, Checking it Twice?

Raise money for MCCW while you check items off your Christmas shopping list. Visit https://smile.amazon.com/ and designate “The Military Council of Catholic Women” to receive a percentage of your purchase price on eligible items. Or shop the Catholic Company at www.mccww.parishstore.com to donate a portion of your purchase price to MCCW. Happy shopping!

Message From the President December 2017

A People Called to Know Jesus, To Love Jesus, To Serve Jesus

Greetings my Sisters in Christ! Wow, what a whirlwind 2017 has been and I could not allow for the close of this year to pass without expressing my utmost appreciation and gratitude to all of you, our board members and friends and supporters and Priests and Bishops and Archbishop and anyone who contributed in small or large ways, your contributions have made a difference to MCCW Worldwide and to me personally in this position of service.

We begin our Advent Journey with the feast of the Immaculate Conception and this is a timely and wonderful reminder that while listening to the prophecies and promises, we too should pause and give “thanks” for all that God’s love has bestowed on us.

MCCW is grateful for the regional retreats that were held and the miracles that took place not just spiritually but physically for so many of our retreatants, and installing regional discerned boards. The continued blessings and outpouring of love and prayer and support for our co-sponsored seminarian program and the relationships that are being established with chapel groups and seminarians “the hope of the flock.” The encuentro program that is moving forward in strategically planning an outreach to our military catholic communities that is relevant and joyful. The Forum that will be held in April of 2018 in San Diego that will be filled with prayer and mission.

On this occasion may we all engrave in our hearts the values of simplicity, honesty, and faithfulness just like the Virgin Mary , who never failed to show her deep devotion to the Almighty. Let us continue to stand united as a military catholic community of women who protect the blessings bestowed on us. MCCW is the most excellent way to connect to other women-of all ages-much wisdom (and stories) abounding in our experiences and encounters that no other women’s group can share like this one.

May God Bless all of you and I prayerfully HOPE with certainty that 2018 will be a year filled with love and laughter and many answered prayers.

Joyfully In His Service,
Michelle Nash

2018 Worldwide Faith Formation Forum

Active Duty, Reservist, Guardsmen, and Civil Service Women,

I call and invite you to the 2018 Worldwide Faith Formation Forum.  Our goal is to have at least 50 military women attend Forum. The women serving in our military take on a special role of being Christ to our country, our units, and our families. We need faithful, formed Catholics leading and serving our military.  Be sure to read your service’s Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY) regulations as this entitlement is available for a training of this caliber. We cannot wait to see the fruits in bears in your chapels, units, families and personal lives!  Our women serving our in my daily prayers and Mass intentions. I cannot wait to grow in fellowship with each of you!

We call all women to invite those serving in the military into your local chapel programs and request each chapel to sponsor at least two women serving in the military to attend Forum and we cannot be more excited to have them join us at the WELL!

Katie Taylor, Capt, USAF
MCCW Worldwide Active Duty Liaison

AMS Seminarian Liaison

Did you know that AMS chaplains serve over 1.8 million Catholics in the military? Our need for priests is great!  Providing for the spiritual and sacramental needs of men and women in uniform and their families is an essential task, and priest-chaplains are in higher demand now than ever before. Christ needs men to answer the call to the chaplaincy for the good of the Church, the country and the world and those men need our support. MCCW actively supports AMS seminarians by fundraising to support the Archdiocese Co-Sponsorship Program and through our Adopt-a-Seminarian Program.

Bishop John J. Kaising Scholarship Fund for Co-Sponsored Seminarians

The Co-Sponsored Seminarian Program was created as a formal relationship between the AMS and cooperating U.S. dioceses and religious communities to encourage men to pursue priesthood in the U.S. military and throughout the Church by supporting vocations drawn largely from the armed forces.

The annual cost of educating a single AMS co-sponsored seminarian is $15,000! MCCW’s goal is to cover this cost for three seminarians each year. This goal is reached through generous donations to our monthly pledge program, special events, and seasonal online pledge drives.
A monthly pledge of as little as $10 can make a significant difference in the faith formation of our future priests. Individuals, families and ministry groups can join our pledge program.

Like our Facebook page to receive notifications about upcoming special events and pledge drives to support our seminarians.

The Adopt-a-Seminarian program connects current AMS seminarians and military chapel groups. Through prayer, letters, and care packages, the chapels provide much-needed support to their adopted seminarian. The forming of personal relationships between chapel groups and seminarians allows the seminarian to learn more about military life through regular contact with military families like those he will serve in the future.

To adopt your seminarian today, email MCCWamsLiaison@nullgmail.com.

“Servant-Leaders through the Holy Spirit”

The 2018-2020 MCCW Worldwide Board
Call for Discernment

“Servant-Leaders through the Holy Spirit”

Have you ever sensed a calling from the Holy Spirit to Serve and to Lead? You may be called to discern for a position on the MCCW World Wide Board!

Discernment is a letting go and letting God guide the process of leadership selection. It is being open to prayer, information and willingness to serve in the capacity in which the Holy Spirit guides you.

How does discernment work? 

First, pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and revelation in all areas of your life. St. Ignatius recommends the ten guiding principles of discernment.

Second take a personal inventory of your time, gifts and talents.

Third, discern through prayer if you are being called to MCCW Worldwide Board (talk with people who currently hold positions within MCCW to better understand what they do).

Fourth, receive an endorsement from your chaplain/priest.

At the Forum in San Diego, you will attend a beautiful “conclave” style gathering where you will meet other discerners too, and go through a wonderful process.

I am here to help you on this journey! I will guide you through every step of the process.

God’s abundant Blessings to you!

Kelly Oliver

Your Discernment Coordinator


From the Central Region

Greetings from the Central Region!
It’s been a good season for us, as we’re all still reminiscing over the February 2017 MCCW retreat at Conception Abby in Conception, Missouri, which was titled “Listen and open your the ear to your heart”.

From the Southeast Region

Back in the day, I remember parents were excited to send their children back to school. Today, most parents dread Back to School.

Save the Date – Asia Retreat

“Surrender to the Holy Spirit”, Asia Regional Retreat.
2-5 November 2017, South Korea

Contact: mccwasiaregion@nullgmail.com