From the Northeast Region

The Northeast closed out the spring with a fantastic retreat entitled “’Unplug and Recharge’ living like Mary in a World of Martha Demands”.  The retreat had over 100 ladies in attendance from up and down the eastern seaboard.

Missionary Discipleship 

In honor of the Feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother and our Lady of Guadalupe, Star of the New Evangelization we reflect on the call to be missionary disciples in our Church.

Every Christian is called to be a bringer of the Gospel. All who have encountered Jesus are called to know, live, and share the Gospel with joyful hearts as missionary disciples. However, while missionary discipleship aims to reach those living in the peripheries it is not limited to those on the outskirts but is consistent of our immediate spheres of influence, in our homes, with our extended friends and families, and our workplace. At its root to be a missionary disciple we must witness to Christ in all aspects of our lives so as to proclaim Jesus Christ and live in a state of prayerful missionary activity.

Yet we are not required to do this alone. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus’ disciples were empowered to share the message of the Gospel. It was the apostles who turned the world upside down through doing and proclaiming the teachings of Christ. Let us use the apostles as our intercessors and inspiration going forward in missionary activity. Our recent popes have stressed this call, Pope Bl. Paul VI said that the Church exists in order to evangelize. Similarly, Pope St. John Paul II stressed the need for commitment of the New Evangelization, and most recently by Pope Francis has called all Christians to be missionary disciples in the spiritual war zone of our times.

In response to this call our Catholic Bishops have sent out resources and tools for us to engage in missionary activity. Beginning this past April (with on-going course sessions available), The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA invited all members of the archdiocese to participate in the Fifth National Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry (V Encuentro) by taking the free online course titled Missionary Disciples: Witnesses of God’s Love. MCCW Leadership and many military spouses from across the globe responded to this invitation by participating on the online course.

The five week course highlights the heart of the V Encuentro process, which is to provide opportunities of reflection, evangelization and consultation, through themes inspired by Pope Francis’ call to foster a culture of Encounter. By entering into dialogue and contemplating the call to be a missionary disciple we are able to better engage in evangelizing missions and consultations in the peripheries. Which is all to be documented in the larger process to discern pastoral implications for our faith communities.

We wish to extend this invitation as the next course cycle to be offered through the University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) will be available from September 2- October 6, 2017. You may contact to register or for more information.

For we are born for a time such as this…We pray you may reflect and answer the call to be an evangelizing missionary disciple and light the world on fire for God’s love.

The V Encuentro Prayer
God of Mercy, 
You who went out to encounter
The disciples on the way to Emmaus, 
Grant us a missionary spirit
And send us forth to encounter
 Our brothers and sisters,
To walk along beside them,
Listen to their hopes and dreams, 
Rekindle their faith
With the fire of your Word,
Prepare them to recognize you in the Eucharist
And send them as missionary disciples
To share the joy of the Gospel
To present and future generations
Of every race, language and culture.
We ask you this 
From our burning hearts
Filled with the Holy Spirit, 
In the Name of your beloved Son
And through the intercession of our Mother,
Mary of Guadalupe
Star of the New Evangelization
In Jesus and Mary,

Stephanie Bartolomeo

MCCW V Encuentro Coordinator

MCCW Evangelization T-Shirts

If you are planning on attending one of the remaining 2017 Regional Retreats (Western or European Regions), there is still time to place your order.

The 2018 Forum

Hello to all in the MCCW community!

When I was a kid summer was always a time to relax.  Visiting family and enjoying time with friends without a care in the world. It wasn’t until I had a family of my own that I realized how much work went into a carefree summer,  add a PCS into the mix, and you ramp up the stress level further. My family has been traveling since mid-July and will continue around the country until school starts. I have enjoyed all my time with family and all the great places I’ve seen, but I have also loved the different churches I have had the privilege to attend during our travels. Whether it’s Mass at a huge traditional style church of 400 or a small country church of 50, they ALWAYS feel like home. All the stress and uncertainties melt away and the week ahead has unlimited promise. It has also given me the opportunity to contemplate on and share how excited I am about MCCW and the 2018 Forum with different priests and parishioners as well as continue to develop great ideas for future talks and speakers.

The 2018 Forum is coming together in ways I never even imagined. The fabulous group of ladies on our board are working beyond expectations. We are in the final stages of planning and will have all the details distributed by the first of October. The speaker list undoubtably along with the fabulous location of San Diego is sure to make an unforgettable 2018 MCCW Forum. I am looking forward to seeing you all there April 19-22.

Many Blessings,

Sandy Goetz

MCCW VP Events

A Message from Father Joe, Our Spiritual Moderator:

In the latter part of July I looked forward to and participated in our annual Family Reunion at Shadehill Lake in Northeastern South Dakota.  While doing so, I “caught up” with many of the changes with my siblings and their families since the last reunion a year ago.  The changes that rose to the top of noteworthiness included the fact of several siblings who had either recently become grandparents or were awaiting their first grandchild.  Each, in a new way, was anxious to pass along to their next generation testimony of the abundant grace received within the family.  Each, too, displayed an irreversible joy that the fruit of their love and sacrifice multiplied before their very eyes.

The Solemn Feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven gives me pause to think similarly of our Blessed Mother.  Having lived a life serving the Word Made Flesh in the mystery of the Incarnation, of course Mary would rejoice to see the fruit of her love and sacrifice multiplied in the life and love of her son in Church’s next generation!  As the first and most perfect disciple, (according to Father Raymond E. Brown, S.S.,) she shared the first fruit of Christ’s resurrection.  She gave her all for the sake of her Son.  Accordingly, how can she not participate in the raising of the next generation of believers?

To all the beloved women and spouses in the armed forces, on and near this Feast of the Assumption of Mary, may both Mary’s example and intercession spur your “yes” to make every sacrifice needed to pass along to those you love the gift of Christ’s love.  She is the model and the vector of all you hope to ever become.  Give another “yes” today.

“Women of Action”

Welcome to all our women who are meeting us at THE WELL on this Feast of our Blessed Mother in honor of her Assumption.

I pray everyone has arrived their duty stations and have had PCS moves that have outcomed well since we all know the stress-and sometimes surprises-we receive once we arrive and begin to make our houses the homes we need them to be.

MCCW Worldwide is happy and humbled to share the memories we have had over the last several months and to include the future forward planning that we have had resulting in a  ‘spirit of collaboration’ in generating ownership, understanding and support that have led to spiritual and life changing retreats, days of reflection, leadership training and development and providing many opportunities in being an outlet and channel for grace and all will come to fruition April 2018 at the MCCW WORLDWIDE FORUM in San Diego.

We as MCCW Worldwide have felt so blessed to have been able to encounter so many of our sisters in Christ in the many regions we have visited so far and establishing relationships over our social media that I could not help myself but to share how much we have in common with  our blessed mother  as active duty women, military spouses and retirees. Our Blessed Mother was and currently still is a “woman of action,” much like all of us.

Mary set out and travelled to the hill country in haste, well that is exactly where we are in present time, our board has prayerfully followed the prompting of the holy spirit and has sent many of our leadership to convocations and gatherings of networks that are very instrumental in furthering the kingdom of God. MCCW Worldwide understands the importance of action and stepping out in faith and not losing momentum in bringing Christ to others especially our military catholic communities of women.

As “women of action” much like our Blessed Mother we as CWOC/MCCW women understand the continual journey, constantly by necessity on the move, rarely sitting still or staying in one place, we are missionary.

Missionary discipleship is our call at this time and ENCUENTRO (encounter) is what we are definitely doing. Mary was a missionary-the first missionary, a woman who travelled and carried Christ to the world!  Hmm?? Am I describing anyone YOU know?  Maybe YOU!!! She is the primary example in showing us that she met another woman, we set out in haste for our women!

All of us, like Mary, are on a journey, traveling to places and destinations we may not understand, or even enjoy for that matter, but as military women, military spouses and retirees we know this is part of our life, our mission. Missionary Disciples-“women in action” could not describe MCCW WORLDWIDE members and it’s leadership any better!

In His Service Joyfully,

Michelle Nash

MCCW President 2016-18

Ripe with Anticipation and Expectation

Happy New Year in the Year of Our Lord 2017! I pray that God may bless all of you and your families by providing the necessary graces for your state in life. I am sure all of you took a moment at the close of 2016 to reflect on how GOD and Our Blessed Mother have been present in your lives and those you are close to and thank HIM for all of HIS generosity.

I am using the “Woman at the Well” to be the inspiration for my servant leadership role over the course of the remaining time as MCCW Worldwide President and boy oh boy has she led me to these thoughts for all of you for the upcoming year.

Like the Woman at the Well the Samaritan woman was searching for happiness, but she also allowed me the opportunity to see where JESUS was seeking her salvation. In this Year of Our Lord, MCCW is affording all of you to drink from the “Well” of Divine life through our Regional Retreats in 2017 that have prayerfully been orchestrated through devoted and committed women who are relying on the Holy Power of our Lord to orchestrate and execute them in all the regions. The swamp of sin can take over quickly so stay close to the WELL. Our Journey of Faith Spiritual Leadership and Development encounters will provide enhancement to your journey of faith in your communities by assisting in living for Christ and through Christ. We look forward to visiting you at “YOUR WELL” and providing for your thirst.

The Woman at the Well desires peace and the happiness that the things of this world cannot provide, the LORD promises better, JOY true JOY it cannot be robbed.

The Samaritan Woman becomes a true apostle once she encounters the LORD JESUS, for who HE truly IS. Here, in this encounter like so many other parts of the Gospels, we see that the TRUE disciple of the LORD will always be a passionate apostle.This year like so many others we get to make choices and say YES to invitations. Jesus

This year like so many others we get to make choices and say YES to invitations. Jesus surprises us in encounters where we may never expect! Every day we are faced with choices and challenges that affect our relationship with the LORD. It is not easy to stay faithful or faithfilled. God’s grace makes discipleship not only possible but a real adventure.

Conversion is change and who in 2017 would not benefit from change we are always in need of change, thank goodness for LENT, yes I said it the other great time for conversion, and LENT is fast approaching.

We pray with anticipation and expectation for all the benefits that the LORD will provide in 2017. I don’t need to share with all of you the way that we as a military catholic worldwide community celebrate in different time zones with different customs and all very different but one golden thread remains the same , we all share a common HOPE! New beginnings!  Ripe with anticipation and Expectation!

On the first day, of the New Year, Catholic Christians celebrate the Feast of the Solemnity of the Mother of God, this is not a liturgical accident but a very intentional one at that. “She who beheld the face of the Savior, invites us to hear the words of HER SON and our Savior Jesus Christ, “Behold I make all things New!” (Rev. 21:5)

I look forward to meeting YOU at the WELL in this 2017 year and all the encounters that we will share in our Journey of Faith along “THE WAY.”

In His Service Always,


Michelle Nash
President, MCCW Worldwide

Cast Out Your Nets

Greetings my Sisters who have joined me at the WELL! Our 2016-2018 MCCW Worldwide board has had several conference calls, and our first in person board meeting in the beautiful ‘Mission” city of San Diego. We gathered for three full days of prayer, work, and recreation to be led by the Holy Spirit.

All this to ensure that our WOMEN around the WORLD will be transformed through our Journey of Faith Encounters and Regional Retreats. We will also provide a 2018 Worldwide Faith Formation Forum that will be nothing less than a meeting with Christ through Sacramental Support and Key Note Speakers. This intentionality will excite all our disciples to lead by love and become apostles of action. We are very blessed to have had Fr. Joe Deichert and Bishop Buckon with us for the entirety of the board planning meeting. “Blessed are they among women!”

“Blessed are they among women!”

The reality has sunk in now, and I am so very humbled and honored by the support and prayers, and trust and confidence, that I personally have received, and that our entire board has received over these very critical months. Please be assured that as President and Servant Leader, I will do my best to live up to this trust. It is my prayer and hope to fulfill my own FIAT to the Lord where I will strive to continue to be a CHEERFUL GIVER always. I will work to provide a spirit of Unity, Charity, and Prayerfulness to the members and priests around the globe. I cannot do this alone, but only with your added prayers as WELL.

The tasks ahead of us are very clear. We are committed to “casting out our nets” where we have not tread before, to increase our visibility as a presence of Christ for our military chaplains in all branches. WE are ready to undertake this task with the Tools of our Mission by providing the Journey of Faith Encounters to all military installations and Regional Retreats, and to promote ‘witnesses” for Christ and NOT just speakers. Our Website and The Well will be changed to be more accessible and provide easier access to enhance the mission we have been commissioned with. Change is never easy, but as a Catholic Christian it is inevitable. The First thing as a board we were reminded of, is that in order to be SUPERNATURAL LEADERS we must be SUPERNATURAL FOLLOWERS of CHRIST, which implies we must MOVE Forward, no looking back.

As “Women at the Well” we are all about conversion, change and transformation. Please be assured of our prayers for all of you with renewed energy and hopeful guidance. We are so excited about the upcoming future of MCCW Worldwide and the positive potential changes in the future. With your prayers, the decisions of the board will be fulfilled to GLORIFY our LORD!

In His Service Always,

Michelle Nash

President ~ MCCW Worldwide